7 Things U Must Give Up, Be Happy

When I saw this, I thought of the New Year, of  “resolutions”.

7 Things You Must Give Up

We often think about what we want to get for the New Year, or do and all that, but what about what we need to give up, release, let go of to be happy?  I have had a tendency in the past to run from problems, not dealing with the core issue of things, which is well, me, my baggage, the internal stuff I never really resolved about my childhood, my parents divorce, the crap I had thrown at me because of it etc…On a recent episode of Eastenders, we are not sure how far behind in our episodes here in the U.S., one of the characters said something that was very true.  He said that now matter where he went he couldn’t escape the one truth, he was would always be him.  He realized was the problem was with his own self, maybe unresolved issues, negative behavior patterns.  It resonated with me because a lot of the negatives in my life could have been avoided if I had truly processed and dealt with my baggage, if I had made choices well thought out, still following Holy Spirit guidance, but not always been impulsive, even when receiving Word of Knowledge as they say.  Then there is the reliving of the past over and over again, beating yourself up about it, which serves zero purpose.  Is looking back overall on your life periodically to assess where you are, what you need to change about your life and maybe behavior patterns a negative thing?  No, actually quite wise.  That’s not the same as beating yourself up over and over so you don’t move ahead, don’t accomplish goals and dreams put in your heart by the Lord to follow.  Procrastination, this is a big one for me, always a reason not to do things that I feared I would surely fail at, so time was wasted, a lot of it, going in circles and not achieving concrete goals.  I am working on changing that and I have to some extent.  I also realize I can’t make excuses for my lousy choices, but I can make a decision not to repeat those patterns and make better choices, which again I am doing.  Each of these seven things I can relate to in my own life and I am sure many, if not most people can.  What has helped me turn it all around really is prayer and faith, finding my faith and spiritual identity, one that is firm, solid, can inspire me and help me to inspire others.  May I keep on this journey and at the end of the journey the Lord be able to say “well done”.