Paris Terror: Ideology VS Faith Concept

Sadness, but we must not be silenced.
Sadness, but we must not be silenced.

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As I watched the news yesterday and again today, recalled all the other news on terror attacks, those going off to be trained in Syria who were not raised radical, but had become radical Jihadist, and at radical Islam, I realized there is a difference not only between religion and spirituality, but also between ideology and faith concept, that includes atheism.  For atheist their God is Science and Logic, which they worship, mocking all else which can’t be seen under a microscope and such, some to the point of hate, pure hate.

I am realizing that, that hate, total rejection of the other is ideology, and when it spurs one to act in violence including Christians who bomb abortion clinics kill abortion doctors, Muslims who commit violent Jihad, Buddhists who kill Muslims in Asia etc… These acts are based on ideology, not faith or spiritual concepts.  I can have spiritual concepts of what is holy and sacred for life and living, live that life, be an example, but still love humanity, be at peace with humanity, work within the structures of society and law to bring change in a positive way, with others who are of like mind.  That’s spirituality, that’s having faith concepts and living them whether they are based on the Seven Spiritual Laws and the Ten Commandments or basic principle of treat others with the dignity, kindness, love and respect you want to be treated with every day.  Being an example and wishing blessings on others to become aware of these principles and live by them as well, that’s spirituality, and concepts of faith. What happened in Paris and all such incidents like Paris, that’s Ideology and really has no place in a civilized modern society.

Shalom and Amen.