A Golden Chain

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A Golden Chain

My friends and I are not of the same worldview, or political view and things can pretty heated when certain subjects are touched upon, and one can think, oh this is it, that friendship is done for after this heated debate.  One could think that, but a friendship that has strong chains, links forged will stretch and stretch, may loosen a bit for a time, but will not break and can be reinforced when the dust settles. 

I luckily find that out with my friends, two very dear friends in particular whom I have known for years now.  They are truly sisters to me, more than friends, sisters.  I love them dearly.  No matter what the debates, how heated they may get, how honest I get, and I don’t do PC at all, that chain never breaks.  I am grateful for the friendships.  I am also grateful for certain family members, like my cousin Patty who is also like a sister, has a big heart.  We talk a few times a week on the phone and share everything going on in our lives, give each other encouragement, support, it’s a great thing to have that.  Friends can fiercely disagree, and I mean fiercely debate, disagree, heck sometimes may even insult each other because of their different worldviews, but they don’t have to break the links, the chain, not if it is titanium strong.  God brings gifts, and angels in many forms, friendships are one way he does that. 

Shalom and Amen



Born in New Jersey, August 1965, this Italian-American has always had a great interest in music, particularly the Oldies, Country and Ethnic music, including Irish. For over 10 years Ms. Appello passionately taught ESL to students of varying ages. Grounded if her faith and spirituality, Katherine endured a range of issues, including a great deal of pain, which was finally diagnosed to be associated with Fibromyalgia. The essence and the power of music, of words, allow Katherine to overcome these struggles each and every time. We are all blessed to have Katherine’s strength, wisdom, and words to write “Pray For Me Tonight’