A Great Shaking

First I want people to understand that the judgement upon nations is due to the systems of government, of faith encouraging sinful patterns etc…, promoting and supporting all things of the antichrist spirit and all things unscriptural.  If there is a judgement on all this, how can we as those in the truth of Christ and Scripture help bring change, people, systems out of Babylon and the Antichrist spirit of things?  This verse says it all, by praise, glory to God and prayer. These weapons are more powerful than any protests etc.. can ever be when done consistently.  Prayer is the crying out to God for truth, justice etc…, so if we wish to have all that, we have to change the systems, the heart, spirit and soul of leaders to move away from all things of SatanSince I firmly believe this is the case I am going to be organizing live facebook prayer for the nations and leaders, persons to come out of all things antichrist and come into scriptural truths, and in Christ.  I will begin that likely next week and will provide further info on that.  I have other plans that the Lord has put in my heart, and I will share with you as it takes firmer shape.  Remember that whether we vote for things of and with things of Satan or of Scripture, of God, His ways we will have to give an accounting to. 


Prayerfully consider donating, thank you to this endeavor of love, this ministry put forth with love.