A Lesson In Life and Love


This song and this particular performance by Meatloaf, whom I wish I could meet in person is one of my favorites, something about it from the first time I heard it.  I couldn’t pinpoint why.  I am realizing why because it resonates with my personality and the journey I have made, and that God makes with us, even when we think he is not listening or paying attention.  

Let’s start with Meatloaf’s opening.  He tells them that he is one very nervous individual because he hasn’t performed this song live in NY in a long time, but he figures either they will boo him, think he was dud, or think, hey he gave it his best shot, bless his heart.  Often people stay away from God and the church, synagogue etc.. because they have this notion that they have to be perfect live perfect, make no mistakes etc..to be able to be in God’s company.  Newsflash, God created you, and me so he knows how you, and me can and likely will mess up through out our lives.  If we can be in his company regularly maybe, we wont mess up as much, maybe with prayer and meditation regularly we will have fewer duds in our performances on  this stage called life.  When we do mess up we will be able to talk to God about it, to the Heavenly hosts and ask for healing of the heart, spirit, soul to move forward.  I love Meatloaf’s direct approach to the audience and his attitude of he is there and it may be a dud or they may appreciate that he was present and gave it his best shot.  That’s what God asks, be present, engage with me, and give life and boundaries etc.. your best shot.  

The song itself also speaks to life and even I think to our relationship with God and vice versa.  When we think God is silent, he is not.  He is present in the many ways that people cry to us to stop being destructive and self destructive to our nation, our community, ourselves, our bodies, our sexuality, all of that.  He is present in the healing that others provide in the many ways they provide it, genuine healing and sometimes it’s not physical healing, it’s just a smile, a word of encouragement.  When I see someone that has talent etc.. and I see they have put themselves or others have put  them in a box, chains etc.. which keeps them stagnant, not growing and it could be due to keeping themselves, even subconsciously in life circumstances or corded to people that do not encourage them to fly with their gifts, to be truly happy, blissful in their gifts, talents etc…, or when I see someone in a union that is not making them truly happy in a holistic way and also encouraging their gifts to the max, constructively, but saying “fly baby, fly, I believe in you in your limitless potential”, don’t see that in them, I cry out loud.  I will if I have to verbally shake them, meditate for them to see that and break from of those chains etc.. for themselves and also the other person in a way that is positive to both.  If I care, I cry out loud, but not in a way that is nagging, that suffocates, as I have learned a lesson in life and love about how to cry out loud.  Sometimes you cry out loud my walking away and praying, meditating, sometimes by prodding the person, lovingly, sometimes both.  When the song talks about giving a child when being old, and a journey, I think of perhaps giving someone the freedom to start over, and to finally nurture that dream of a lifetime, whether on their own or with someone else.  Maybe you let go of fears etc.. and trust that dream they have and help them launch it, be part of it, even if they seem “too old”.  It’s all just a number, not about the number itself, but about the readiness of the heart, spirit and soul to be open to hear the cries, of the persons around to give the cries and everyone to accept what happens when that person has heard the cries and sets off on the journey to break free or shift gears etc.., the Heaven’s willing chart a course that is filled with lot of light, blessings and in a way that is good for all, for the best of all, the wellness of all, including long term emotional bliss etc.. of all, fulfillment on every level of everyone constructively.  

Whether it is God crying out loud kicking me in the tukkus directly, smacking me upside the head in my prayer or meditation or life lesson, by allowing a “come to jesus” “yikes, should have had a V8” moment, or others doing the crying out to set me straight, to say they want to make the journey with me, live the incredible dream with me, but I am getting in my own way, I Thank You.  To those I care about, if I cry out loud and am on your case about certain things regularly, it’s because I care, and I see so much brilliance to be brought forth, take it in that measure, a gesture of caring.   

Namaste, Shalom and Amen