A Love That’s a Gift? Hmm….

Love can be a smooth sail or a stormy sea and the longest connection of the heart, spirit etc… I had was well a stormy sea.  I could say I wish I had never met them and all of that, but no, I can’t say that.  Do I wish I had handled things more maturely on some level? Sure, of course.  That stormy sea in a way impacted who I am today, the path I am taking as a coach, doing this blog, having created this hub, determined to inspire others etc.. even more so than I already had in my heart to do so.  Though it was not all cotton candy sweet, I would never wish it had never been and forever they will have a place in my heart, a special place.  If we could ever have a clean slate in any number of ways and they wanted to give it a real shot, I would be willing to.  There would need to be stuff to be worked through, healing to be done, but it can be done.  I see this connection, even if it is now not part of my life day to day and even if it was a stormy sea as a gift, a true gift, one that helped make me who I am today. 

Namaste, Shalom adn Amen