A Prayer, Poem/Song as a Life Mantra


Mantra for Living

While I do aspire to live in the context of a holistic biblical worldview and have found after re-reading the Seven Spiritual Laws that they are in line with healthy living of life and sacred truth, I also realized that it is a good idea to have a wise anchor for day to day living that you refer to and really look to as the road map for conducting your affairs.

It can be a prayer, a poem or song, but it should be something that reflects a healthy outlook on life, and a sacredness about life, living, and loving. It should be a prayer, a poem (can even be a bible psalm, part of a psalm) and/or a song and one can have one of each, that really help you to center yourself to you can engage in very healthy patterns.  I am now working on discerning what such anchors I can have in my life that I can listen to each day, read each day as the spirit moves me each day to center myself and really engage in positive patterns, even as an artist.  Jesus constantly quoted the OT, so even he understood the need or anchors in life, and he was the Son of God, the Word made Flesh, so if he understood the need for anchors, then as artists, boy do we need it, especially with the uncertainty and fickleness of this business and in general it’s not a bad idea.  As I discern which Mantra/s I will bring in to anchor my life I will share that will you.

God Bless.