A Warrior Is Made

Nobody is Born a Warrior

My parents very bitter divorce, dad’s family and mom at war, me in the middle, school a battle ground, me the God and Country outsider, even as a kid, used to drive my mom nuts.  She is devout Catholic, and love this country dearly, but my fierce God and Country soul, journey of searching to understand God inside out and outside in, not something she got.  Then fibromyalgia turning everything inside out and upside down, this week alone nothing but doctor’s appointments and day after Christmas medical procedure.  Today a procedure, in office, couldn’t be done because my body wouldn’t cooperate, in a sense, yet I was a very cooperative patient and the doctor said I was a very strong woman, amazing and she wished all her patients were like this.  Through all the pain etc…, no matter how hard Satan hits, I stand strong.  Even in standing for God and Country, I get hit and I hit back, symbolically speaking of course, but I don’t back down.  I suppose the fibromyalgia and everything has been a way to prepare me for the opportunities in media that are coming up.  Being a warrior is about being through storms, pushed down, knocked down, all of that, but getting up still standing tall and because you know you have clarity, truth, integrity as your guides, a clear identity spiritual and in every respect, no confusion, clarity as a child of the Divine, Sacred and Holy, what all that means, no matter what happens in the physical, your spirit, soul can never be destroyed, unless you let it.  Your choice and I choose not to ever let it be destroyed. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen