Abandon, No Adjust Belief Systems

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

Belief systems and structures serve a purpose, including faith based one, as we do require some kind of objective set of” lines” to maintain an orderly society and life.  However, those lines if too rigid all our lives can be a detriment, a curse not a blessing.  

In Mosaic times everything was about rules, so many rules, it literally was so oppressive and repressive that it ended up hurting the people, society in the long run.  In life we grow up with generations of a particular set of beliefs and I reiterate we do require them as we don’t want harm to children especially and we want law and order.  However, when those beliefs keep you tied in obligation to misery, whether that is personal or vocational, they are a yoke, a curse not a blessing.  Does that mean you throw out the baby with the bathwater? No, of course not.  However, you do look at how you need to move lines somewhat and understand that we do deserve to be happy, truly happy in the long term, to be loved, truly loved and to love, truly love in the long term, to have a life that has that and so much more in it.   This notion of suffering and lack being noble does not come from God, and often those passages are misunderstood in sacred text, as is a lot.  One needs to get Contextual and Metaphysical to understand holistically sacred teachings of the Bible for example.  Even our own families may have ingrained stuff in us that keeps us in a place of chains, prisons etc.. all duty bound, and in misery.  Beliefs can keep us from moving towards a lot of really wonderful things in life, in love, not talking lust, talking real friendship based and other elements caring Agape love where you can see so much potential for you and the other person individually and as a team.  Belief systems can keep us from fully pursuing career aspirations due to feeling we are duty bound to certain people, situations etc… Belief systems can be a blessing or not, depending on how we can adapt to changes in our lives and understand we do have a right to be happy in every aspect of life for the long term and to fulfill our dreams fully.  

How do we come out of those limiting beliefs, prisons?  We understand what is duty and what is living, life, real authentic makes me soar as a person, vocationally every which way, not pure lust kind of love, various things and then shifting the line slightly, while still maintaining core of integrity to have that life that is truly one of joy, fulfillment, where our heart, spirit and soul are open and soaring, connecting etc…  That is how we do it and we find others to connect to, not part of our current circle of like mind to walk that walk with.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen