Accepting, Truly Accepting?

Inspiration Peace and Love

I would like to think that I can completely accept those I love and who love me, including their worldview even if liberal progressive.  I said I would like to think, hmmm.  

As I find myself thinking about what I intuitively sense, including the return of someone from my past into my life, I am wrestling with this question somewhat.  I am overall conservative in my worldview and my politics, believe in originalism  as regards the Constitution, and in very small skeletal federal level, even state level government.  I am a Zionist, and strong in my love of European, Italian culture, my family culture.   I can not easily abide by those who would throw Israel or their own nation of heritage under the bus.  The liberal progressive mindset and at the government level any kind of Socialism and Marxism, none too fond of.  I find myself feeling a bit at odds.  

On the one hand I want to be able to accept that person should they come back into my life for the long haul and things done right this time unconditionally.  On the other hand they are wrapped in a Liberal Progessive Socialist mindset, world, and though Jewish reject Zionism and the right of Israel to exist, grow, thrive, defend itself.  That bothers me and so I find myself willing to embrace them due to the shared bond etc.., but at the same time, wondering how the heck I won’t want to smack them upside the head frequently with them being so wrapped up in that world, one that is opposite of mine.  Maybe we will learn from each other, maybe.  I still have to be honest with myself and say that their mindset if it is totally liberal progressive, and in any way Marxist will rub me the wrong way, as will their anti-Zionism and being caught up in another world where they defend those who would seek to harm Israel, rather than be pissed off about it and call them out on it, seek to have their tukkus kicked for wanting to harm Israel in any way shape or form.  

I guess I will have to wait and see how we compliment each other, learn from each other etc…  If I want to be accepted by that person, then I have to accept them for who they are to some measure as well, so we will see.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen