Actions Louder than Words


Actions really tell me who you are, so if you never return phone calls when I call, or if I leave a message and you choose to ignore it, never respond, well that does not speak very positively about you.  If I sense with my strong intuition you have something to say, that you have things you want to create, build on etc.. with me, but you never have the courage to speak, that also says something.  If you brag about conquests or anything that in life, but never really go out on the ledge willing to jump without a parachute, really put your heart, spirit and soul out there, always playing it safe, that might also tell me something about you and I could think you lack courage in life.  If you speak of your dreams or have them on reams of paper, but never have the guts to go out on a limb to make them reality, well that also says something and again not too impressive.  Ideas, words all of that is really great, but it is the actions that really tell the story.  I hold feet to fire much more on actions or lack of action than I do words, though they do matter to an extent.   At the end of the day, it is what you do, what actions you are willing to take to bring into your life the things and people you truly want in your life, even if it means having to make big changes and leave stuff behind, constructively and with some meditation, not thinking things to death that you never take action though.  Always proceed with the prayer, meditation to the good of all and harm to none, but if action is not taken in life and all one does is wish, think, even feel never act, all of that has no meaning and little relevance.

I hope these meditations will help you to constructively bring into your life what you have thought about and thought about maybe in the realm of love, of relationship, vocation, but maybe lacked the confidence etc.. to go after it.  Always remember harm to none, good of all is what should be the goal.  It is possible when one comes from a sacred divine intention.