I found myself thinking of someone from the past today and I realized we were “almost”.  We almost had a friendship, but due to whatever it never really got off the ground.   We almost had a relationship, but stuff and baggage got in the way.  We spent time together but were never really together.  We cared deeply for each other, that’s how it seemed.  I was was always hopeful as the time went by, as the years went by.  Recently I almost believed we might have the opportunity for that friendship, relationship.  I almost believed a different scenario was possible for this person and me, but almost doesn’t cut it.  I feel empty by this, there’s a hole and pretending that whole, that empty space in the spirit and soul doesn’t exist isn’t the answer.  I need to connect to the Creator, His realm, to that deep faith I had lost to an extent.  I will do so, will fill that void left by that almost friendship and relationship.  Amen, and Shalom