Always About the Larger Picture

Garden Path

This photo, you see a pathway, lovely bushes, lovely pathway, and as you walk you would most likely focus only on that pathway, and on the one hand understandable.  However, hmmmm, what a shame, not very wise.  If you were landscaping, would you focus only on that?  What if you were putting together a play, if you were the writer?  would you only focus your character development on one character, one scene?  If you did, God help the audience, and all the rest of the cast etc… what a disaster!  

Why, isn’t focus a good thing?  Isn’t having a particular passion for a particular project a great thing?  Well, kind of, sort of, maybe, not always, not necessarily.  What I am learning from interaction with others and observation is that we must learn to work from both the viewpoint of the forrest and the trees, not just the forrest, not just patroller trees.  That goes for any and all aspects of life, including relationships, business development, project development, project and entity administration, even doing so on a voluntary basis.  Why is it crucial to approach the forrest view as well as the trees?  Everything must happen in context and connection for it to have coherence, meaning and value in the long term.  If you don’t have that for your own life, or can’t provide it for what you are doing and to others for what they are doing, then what’s the point?  What’s the reference point, the main panorama of it all? If not then you have a big disconnect and disorientation, people don’t want to pertain to a hodgepodge, or a piece of a pie, but rather to a pie and partake of a piece within the larger pie.  You have to name the flavor of the pie, after all if I am going to take a slice, sit at the table and eat pie with you, I would like to know what favor it is.  Get my drift.  I fully understand when a lead pastor says draw up a plan, don’t make a single move further until we have a solid plan for context to work off of, or an arts producer says the same.  The big picture plan will provide the details to work off of, and then more than be added along the line, adjusted etc…, but that overall larger landscape has to be created first or you have a hodgepodge of stuff and a whole bunch of nothing with no profitability to anyone in any way, not even financial.  Please always create the context, the panorama, the landscaped garden as the first priority, then work from there.  If those you are working with don’t get it, are too stubborn, dim whatever, pray for a Hail Mary Pass, that they receive enlightenment fast, faster than a speeding bullet etc…, supersonic fast, especially if it has been pointed out and they still don’t get it, or refuse to acknowledge it.

Amen!Garden PathGarden Path