Analyzing Is Not Dealing

There are those who love to analyze everything, life is all about analysis, introspection, and it is all academic, intellectual including in their own lives, with their own challenges.  

Some introspection is great, but if all one does in regards to life’s crap is an intellectual analysis, nothing will be dealt with and there can be no progress made.  One has to go beyond the simple analysis from an intellectual and academic standpoint.  One has to be willing to face one’s feelings, emotions head on in a way that is not destructive.  I tend to meditate and pray at night in bed and even have a recorded meditation that instructs my entire being to be healed and to face all things constructively head on.  Usually I do so through my dreams, which is fine and will get an indication of how to deal with the issue, get a strong gut feeling about things upon waking up.  I know there is this notion of not wanting to rock the boat, but there are times when the boat has to rocked, capsized even, for a solution to come, and that means facing what we feel, even anger and disappointment in ourselves head on.  Does that mean we dwell on it? NO, but we should be willing and able to gain the maturity to face it, deal with it, do so in a way that is not like a belligerent moron, but an adult.  Pretending life is okay when it is not is terribly unhealthy and not the way to go through life.  We have to acknowledge when things are not fine, so they can be made fine, resolved, even if it means we have to let go of people, situations, relationships we have had for a long time.  Is it easy? No, but when it has to be done, it has to be done.  I hope this will help you in that journey.