Angry Regrets Is Not The Solution

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

Mid-life, Angry at the world, at one’s self and feeling like pone is in a prison, sound familiar?  It might for a lot of people.  Why?  

At a certain point, especially if something alarming happens with one’s health for example, things one is trying to move forward with are stalled, or one is seemingly stuck, because we never are really, in a situation you are miserable in, miserable career, relationship, one might start to view the world in a very angry way, see everyone as a dictator etc.. That is because in their life, perhaps one has allowed themselves to be dictated to and help “prisoner”.  One has choices, though they don’t realize it, but they do.  

One can be bitter, angry etc…, continue in that situation, the rest of their lives with angry regrets.   That is a choice, they can choose to be manipulated and kept a prisoner of a miserable career, or relationship.  One can make everyone else miserable also, be a victim and take on a bunch of causes to feel not so powerless.  That’s a choice one can make, not a good one, an awful one, but a choice none the less. One can get to where they look like death walking from the toll it all takes on them.  Again, that is their choice.  The other choice is to decide that one won’t live that live anymore, for their sake and in the long term for everyone’s sake.  One will end the manipulation, the prison time, do it firmly, constructively, but do it.  They won’t make excuses, will accept that one has  screwed up one’s life with lousy choices and make changes, turn it around, walk away from what they need to walk away from without anger, shedding all baggage of such things and moving onward and forward.  If one  encounter obstacles, they get tough, strong, not in a way that is petulant spiteful child, not but that makes it clear that misery, that miserable chapter of their lives is over and everyone needs to get on board.  They will be strategic and if necessary they will seek the support of others to have the courage to make those changes.  One will start on a clean slate to build the life that they truly wish to build and with those they truly wish to build it with.   Can this prison break happen without any hurt anything? No. but sometimes one has  to do surgery or treatment that might slightly hurt the patient for their health and well being in the long term.  They may fight it at first, but then they will accept that this is what was best.    

If one is going to live one’s life, do it without anger, bitterness, make the changes you have to make to make it a life fulfilled, blissful and to the good of all involved.  Don’t whine, don’t moan and groan, get a pair of you know what and change what has to be changed, firmly, efficiently, no dragging of feet, just do it, and get on with a new life for the good of all.  Sound harsh? Maybe, but it is what one needs to do if one is going to make choices other than stay where one is be angry, butter, moan and groan!