Anxiety and Calling

Emotions and Meaning

We hear about a calling often, people have a calling, pulled to something to fulfill a dream, something just is so in your heart, your spirit and soul.  The journey to get there may not be a straight line, and initially may not be clear at all, so the journey to really get to a healthy fulfillment of that calling may be one of a mix of pleasure and pain.  It may be so also due to our expectations, as we may have no real clue what that vocation entails, the hard work and preparation it truly entails, the sacrifice it requires and with today’s youth deciding that if they have to work to earn a living then that’s just not cool, we are in real trouble, so is any hope of anyone having any true and lasting healthy success. The calling can also trigger anxiety as you make the journey especially when you place all kinds of expectation on it and yourself because you initially may feel powerless as to how to even get the journey started and if you don’t have any support or mentors, even more so, but community can be found, if we meditate and allow the universe to guide us as to where to go to find the right community, also allow that community to find us. Shalom and Amen