Appreciating The Spiritual

My synagogue is having a day of unity for their Hebrew School, one where they will be having children from other faith institutions come and spend time with their Hebrew School children, have different activities and hopefully create some friendships. Futile? No, a start.  

I realize that even within faith groups themselves you have the fanatics and that Islam must undergo, certain sects of it, must undergo reformation, a major shift that separates the political from the religious while still respecting the faith conscience of the individual in all spheres of life.  However, if there is a refusal to understand the other, to appreciate the faith that the other lives, and respect their right to live it, then the world can never be okay, nations can never be okay.  Reason and faith can both coincide very well, as to conclude theological points one must.  I hope we can find a way to appreciate the beauty of spirituality and faith as a community, allowing for a conservative worldview based on faith as much as a secular, as there is no one size fits all and we are not robots.  I do also hope that the secular has very clear moral codes and lines  and that are not ever going to make for their intolerance of those not secular, not liberal.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen