Are They Prophetic?

We all dream, though we don’t remember every single dream, some hardly ever remember theirs.  For those filed with the Spirit dreams can be prophetic and I will be sharing my prophetic dreams, those that connect to events occurring as that happens.  How do we know if a dream is prophetic and if it is, is it imminent?  Good question.

Around August of last year I had a dream where I was in a large warehouse in China, and there were bodies everywhere, hooked up to IV bags, people were in really bad shapes and scientists, doctors seemed very calm about it all, which I found strange.  At the time I really didn’t understand, but when this virus hit, I was for some reason very calm about it, and then the dream came to mind, so it appears it was a prophetic dream.  Could I do anything to stop it, no, but I could pray and when it hit, not be surprised, panic etc…  In this case, it was prophetic.  I often have the dream of missing the train, or something to that effect, and in a way it is prophetic, but it is also my subconscious regretting missed opportunities.  If I had loads of stressful situations, lots of family, work stress etc.. and I dreamed of explosions, well that might be the subconscious saying you are about to blow up from the stress and need to do something about it.  Prophetic dreams will be known because they stay with you, stay imprinted in your mind, not meant to scare you, but to prepare you, guide you.  If you see yourself in a dream more than once on stage, that could be where your career goes or where you are being guided to go with your career.  Also prophetic dreams will align with scripture, so at this time we are in Mathew 24, the sorrows, so those with the gift of Prophecy may be given further insight and specifics as regards their nation etc..about that.  Also, notice if most of the action is being done by you or directed towards you and ask Holy Spirit to clarify what it means.  You may not be able to stop it, but you can pray, prepare, guide others to be prepared in a non-threatening way.  Dreams are an important tool and so is discerning them because not all dreams are prophetic, but some are and in different ways.  May we all learn to discern our dreams and what they mean for the moment and the future. 


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