Aromatherapy Benefits Part II

For older adults or those such as myself with fibromyalgia a circulation, joint issues can be a problem, so doing some light massage, light, doesn’t have to be overkill, light circular, with some oils, warm or hands rubbed together warmed up can be a blessing, help with that stiffness etc…If I am less stiff and not so much in pain, I can move better, even if just for a little while, makes sense.  When a licensed naturoapathic doctor, or a mainstream doctor who knows about healing teas, safe elixirs, and aromatherapy works with you, they can help ease digestive and other issues with these healing tools.  Weight loss is another areas where aromatherapy can fill the senses and control appetite, as can teas, safe elixirs, when they are given and recommended by those who are very knowledgeable.  One of my goals is to move away from conventional medicine to whatever extent I can and move to more homeopathic medicine, teas etc.., but right now, finances are not really such that I am able, but I have faith I will get to that point.  In terms of safety, yes these things are natural, but as with anything, you don’t just start taking stuff or using stuff as you feel like it, especially if you are taking conventional meds as things can interact, even natural ones. Whenever one seeks to use homeopathic remedies, always make sure to check with a physician or pharmacist who knows about this stuff, can tell you about interactions, even interactions of natural remedies with themselves.