Aromatherapy Guide

Often when we want to do something with wellness, we don’t know where to start, so if you want to explore aromatherapy, again I would find someone who knows about it, has been working with aromatherapy successfully for a time, and let your doctors know you re working with aromatherapy.  As always when you are going to jump into something having a place to start is a good idea, so this board gives you a place to start. It gives you oils to work with for most common day to day situations we might encounter that we can benefit from aromatherapy.  Anxiety, stress,  in this nutty world anxiety’s tress are a part of life, so having a way to relieve them is a great thing.  I hope that you find this guide helpful and that you find medical professionals and others who have knowledge etc.. of aromatherapy, can be supportive of your wanting to explore this.