Art and Healing

You hear about the bullying, violence in the schools, and we also hear a lot about Autism these days, and you wonder what can be done.  Well there are things we as a society and in the schools can do, even within our own families.  One of these is Art and Music Therapy.  People often think therapy is just for those who are mentally ill etc.., but that is not true.  In our world of constant news and negativity etc.., stress, anxiety, these tools can help in an ongoing way to bring balance.  Some will say that they are not creative, or can’t draw etc.., but this is not about being a Michelangelo, or a Picasso, or even a Mozart, this is about finding different ways to express ourselves so that we don’t bottle things up, then explode or so that we can release what tension etc.. we have and thus less stress etc…, which is a benefit to our health.  There are adult coloring books that allow you to create beautiful art work, mantras et.c..coloring, drawing, even if you are not the best artist around in technique, photography of nature of life and finding the beauty in life, dance, these can all be a way to express and release.  I myself love to write poetry and songs because when I do, it is almost as if I am letting go of whatever it is that has me in sadness, regret, put it to words and let it go, move forward.  If you or anyone you know is having trouble expressing themselves or feeling down, see if the arts can offer a tool for opening the doors to that expression.  I can also give clues to parents, family depending on what is consistently drawn or written, if an intervention is necessary with a counselor.  May we use art to inspire etc…, but also as a tool.  Tomorrow I will be touching the brain and art, how it impacts, and will also be touching on things this week such as a Healing Circle, that as a tool.  We have to find a way to heal our society and the arts, tools from different cultures can help in that process.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen