Art and the Mind PII

Art therapy as a tool is an excellent tool to help those in situations of loss, trauma etc…find a way to express that sorrow, depression, pain so on and so forth.  There are times when words just won’t come, they can’t be found, and so a therapist, counselor, a teaches has to find a way to help that person express what seems they are unable to express.  In being able to express all that constructively, the path is then found for hope when hope is seemingly gone.  In tragic events locally and nationally, even globally, the arts is often where people go to express their solidarity, in songs, poems etc.. written and shared.  That can give a community hope for healing in a very special way.  After 9/11 St Paul’s chapel in my area set p space for art to be created, people to express their pain, unity with the city, tourists, visitors who came left notes, poems, photos.  It was a healing process assisted by this space one could go to and leave a note about that day and how they still felt.  For the world of faith and spirituality, stained glass windows etc..serve as a way to see the scriptures come alive and it helps to minister to the congregation in a way, even mandalas can be powerful for those of the Eastern religions.  These are all tools and as with any tool, when used wisely and constructively, the arts can be quite a healer. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen