Artist Intensity and Passion Matters

Twin Flame Connections Are Haunting and Amazing

As an artist and inspirational, motivational coach I keep going back to my favorite artist Meatloaf, an artist with a certain amount of intensity and passion in his work, and who is passionate about the things he cares about and that matter to him, including his charities.  That matters, having some level, right level of intensity and passion.  

I can be intense and passionate about what I believe in, my arts, and those I care about and I understand that it can be a bit intimidating, and even in my performances when I have performed live I have been quite intense, but that opening up to the audience to the emotions deep inside, to passion to feeling all of that without going to obsession is important an artist, and also in relationships for them to be real, to thrive and grow.  That opening up and intensity, exploring the passion and feelings you have, and being open to the energy of the audience, their passion for your music, especially if you have the guts to present your own original material is awesome, or material you have collaborated on with another is wow.  You can’t grow as a person, an artist etc.. if you don’t allow yourself that opening up, if you stay safe, have your heart, spirit soul closed off, refuse to feel, to ever connect deeply to another human being and even to the audience in a broader sense.  This connection and intensity, opening up also means we have to be open to encouragement, to others believing in us, complimenting us, pushing and prodding us to go out of the box.  We have to live from the heart, as much as from the head because the heart informs the head not the other way around and until we understand that, we can’t understand love, life, the arts, anything.  If we have had a life of being smacked down, of pain, then we may have closed ourselves off to intensity, to passion etc.., but if one is going to be an artist or truly live one’s vocation fully, and do well, then that has to be reversed and one has to open up to live with a certain level of intensity and passion, of out of the box, of go getter personality, and embrace those who have that same personality in one’s life to help one maybe develop that in themselves or bring that out in one’s self.  If one comes across someone who is intense, passionate about their art, those they care about, causes they care about, don’t run from them, or that intensity of their personality, embrace it, let it inspire you, want to be a part of that and their life, of the journey with them, don’t fear it.  Don’t fear allowing your own intensity and passion, your own original ideas etc.. to come to life and share that with the world, and maybe with someone who has an intensity and passion to make them come alive with you.   Remember ideas require fire lit under them to come to fruition, so if someone has intensity, fire, passion, don’t run from them, embrace them and use that, work with them and with that on every level possible in your life’s journey. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen.