Ascension, Disbelief and Life

Here they are as Jesus is brought back home, but his return is glorious, he is transformed, yet those who knew him for a good while are in first in disbelief that He resurrected initially, then in a sense that He was ascending and their response is fear, locking themselves away, though He had promised a Counselor, had said all this was going to happen.  He was certain that The Father would keep his word and bring about his resurrection, transformation etc.. right up until that moment when the Father had to momentarily walk away for there to be an understanding in full of the human experience and make it clear that so much “missing the mark” was too painful for the Father to bare and look upon.  What I take from this in terms of life’s metaphor is a few things.  

First, I think of how lost I was after my parents divorced, how totally out of whack life felt, I felt and my difficulty for so long to really reconcile with that and find clarity.  I had people who believed in me and did their best to help me see that I was not my errors, that I had gifts, talents etc… to be applied to my life’s journey.  However, the ones that did not believe in me, who shot me down, the naysayers, fears, baggage seemed stronger than those voices that believed in me.  That seems to be the case with the apostles, they couldn’t seem to truly grasp, understand and believe what they had been told, some anyway, like Thomas, who if he didn’t see it, touch it personally, didn’t believe.  I guess it was that way with me because I only looked at my “missing the mark” of sound judgement, honoring biblical truths, what had been taken away from me in childhood.  Even when I started writing songs, and getting great feedback at amateur nights and such and was being told that my insights were on target, and had a strong sense of my path being in some form ministry and the arts, I couldn’t see past my shortcomings, errors to see that potential.  I guess now I realize that yes we might go through times where we screw up and hopefully not too badly, but there is the possibility of resurrection of ascension to fulfill our true path and realize our full potential.  I know i have potential to impact the world in positive ways, but I have to truly believe it, believe past my mistakes etc.. to my potential.  I have to be willing to accept feedback, not take it as doom and gloom, or that I am a failure because there is room for improvement.  

That is one of the reason I am asking for all of you to please provide me with feedback, help me be a better blogger etc..  I hope I can count on you to go to my twitter, follow me and give your feedback on my blog and to go to my band lab site and give feedback on my material there, follow me on these accounts as well.  Since I can only follow a certain amount of people per hour or day, it may take a bit to follow all of you back, but I will.  Again please give me your feedback in two or three sentences and help me to be a better artist, blogger and best serve you.  Thanks.