Attacking Intangibles

Whether you believe that God and Satan, are separate entities or as Kabbalah believes it”s One Force, Creator and He is the cause of all things, and the challenges we face are necessary for our personal growth, think about when faith starts to wobble or when we lose all spirituality.  

When we get caught up in desperate need for anything connected to the material world, includes lust unchecked, when we achieve it we can lose sight of the Creator, the awe and wonder of creation, of the intangibles that matter, the things that are the true treasures in life or even have chaos in our lives.  You have heard the saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Well, the way to destruction of a person is the material becoming the God and destroying the emotions the soul.  When I was trying to control things, make things happen with mantras and all that and was fixed on what I wanted and how I wanted it, I ended up with a lot of frustration and lots of pain, that emotional, spiritual pain led me away from the faith community, and it also took a toll I believe on my physical self.  It has been such a long road to understand that I need to look at the intangibles and let go, to make the intangibles, faith, moral boundaries, these types of things   When I make any decisions in terms of my life, includes long term  choices such as my spiritual home.  My life’s journey has been all about understanding what really matters and trusting, letting go, finding my way home to my Evangelical Christian faith, to who I am meant to be in terms of my vocational path.  It’s a long road sometimes to figure out who you are, where you belong, but if we don’t get distracted and sidetracked by the material world in any detrimental way etc…, then we can find our way home.  The Ego, Satan, these forces will try to take us down a road of lack, lack of faith, lack of awareness of what matters, all this kind of stuff, and it’s up to us to be aware of this, so we don’t go down that road.  I hope that this journey I have made and the awareness is one that stays with me to guide my life.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen