Audience of One or One Thousand

Most PRecious Blood

Today I had my debut you could say, as I have not sung in public in a long time, and not sung any of my original material or done song improv either in a long while, so it was something and I wasn’t sure how I would feel, how nervous etc…

When I got up on that podium, didn’t matter that it was only me and the pianist because I knew God, all of heaven was listening, and my own heart was listening.  That’s one heck of an audience.  I wasn’t really nervous, for the first time in any performance, I wasn’t nervous, or anxious, I was totally at peace.  I was at peace because I was doing what I had prayed for my whole life, performing.  Granted due to it all being last minute kind of there was no time to do any massive promotion, so we didn’t have anyone there but it’s a seed and the pianist, a professional artist really liked my vocals and my material, so that was a nice stamp of approval artistically.  There will be more concerts, better prep etc… and those will be more successful I am sure.  It was just so beautiful to be able to do what I love to do, sing, perform, share.  I really am meditating to have a space all my won to be able to do that each day, and now that i have a pianist who can accompany me, I an start maybe planning shows for 2018.  Time to start living the life I always had in my heart and I think now God feels I have the right people that I can move forward with in this path.  It is important when you are making your journey who makes the journey with you and if you don’t have people who share your faith, your values etc…, who are in sync with you, not going to be right.  I guess God really had to have me wait for the right place, group of people etc…and guess now is the time.  Whatever I do and whether I sing to one or ten or a thousand, the main persons I am singing for and to are up in the heavens and if I do my best as their vessel, then I will do my best for whomever is hearing me on earth.  That is what I realize today and what i need to realize always.  Today was important in that realization, very important.