Authentic Self, Who Is That?

The Journey That is Life.


When I am at the end of my physical life and look back, at least to the later part of it, the one thing I want to be able to say is that I was authentic and true to myself above all things in the context of faith, of my connection to the Creator, and the philosophy etc.. that makes me, me. 

What the heck is that and how do I achieve that?  To begin with I am above all my mother’s daughter, though we can be quite blunt with each other and we tell it to each other as it is at times, pull no punches, so when she wonders where I get my spice to counter my sugar, well I tell her look in the mirror, why don’t ya!  That’s my starting point that I have come to embrace, that I am my mother’s daughter and as such I am both sugar and spice, which is fine with me.  I am also Italian and that means if not fully embracing Catholic as my faith of practice at least honoring it as part of the culture of my ancestors and keeping it alive as part of that tradition, as a cultural aspect of my heritage. Intertwined with all of that is the fact that throughout my life the one thing I have always been is a writer, whether of poems, songs, a blog, writing and even singing, presenting, performing have always been part of me, of who I am.  At the same time I have always been much more spiritual than I have religious, with however very strong sense of natural order of things, even in terms of sexuality and marriage all that stuff.  I want to honor all of who I am including my being very much drawn to Judaism, the root of Christianity, the faith tradition of Yeshua and his family.  Again, I am not one that really is thrilled about religion, but prayer, meditation, song, reflection, yeah, all for it, study, yeah, all for it.  How am I going to honor all I am?  The arts of course. 

That is the beauty of the arts.  One thing I am blessed with is I have connected to the Center for Applied Judaism and will be talking to them about some ideas including recording a series of meditations in their sanctuary, also mini presentations on biblical topics.  I am also blessed to be working with Shrine Church of The Most Precious Blood in my area a church that was created ordered by the Vatican for Italian Immigrants and has a rich arts history, including participating in a monthly concert series, where I am blessed to exercise my Italian.  I hope to be more involved in both, to record material and have a portion of the proceeds go to both organizations, the Center for Jewish Science and Shrine Church of the Most Precious Blood, do different projects for each organization.  I can earn my living and at the same time benefit these institutions, be in alignment with who I am, and my culture through the arts.  I can record spiritual pieces that are spiritual, even romantic not necessarily religious and honor my heritage, and also meditations that are spiritual.  The arts will allow me to honor all of who I am and for that I will eternally thank the Lord.  I have refined my focus even further.  Make my living and benefit others, as well as stay true to who I am via the arts.