Authenticity Can Be Messy

mourning us

The journey to authenticity of heart, spirit, soul, love and life is not easy, as it may require a full change in your life, your relationships etc.. and because we often are so tied to others, not out of love etc.., but history and whatever concepts we have about relationships, commitment, all that. In addition we want to have an authentic self spiritually, creatively and in life without making waves.

Good luck with that!  If we are going to be authentic, realistic etc…, release toxic unions etc… then we had better get used to the fact that it will not be smooth sailing and yes there will be hurt, pain all that.  What is the alternative?  The alternative is to be miserable, to be lost, in shackles and chains that slowly poison our heart etc.., even our view of life.  It will at some point affect our health, well being.  I am not saying that one has to be cruel in how one approaches change, but when change must be made, it must be made, end of story.  When we make changes, we have to accept that not everyone will be pleased, or supportive, any of that.  They may even turn their backs on us, even if only temporarily.  However, if we give space and time for healing, and if we meditate and pray on that daily, it will work out.  If we try to push people to accept changes, even after we have determined to make those changes and do so, we risk total alienation from them.  It is human nature to want to have people love and accept us and our choices, but that won’t always be the case, not immediately.  We have to be okay with that, learn to be okay with that.  We have allow space for ourselves as we transition to a new life, new relationship maybe, whatever we are changing, making changes to, leaving behind etc… and for others as well.  Staying in situations, relationships, career paths that make us miserable and spiritual paths that are not authentic to what we truly feel with our entire being is authentic, after careful examination, is not a positive, not in any way you look at it.  

Make the change, be fearless, be bold, be courageous, but don’t try to please everyone at your own expense, and don’t stay in situations you know are toxic to you, as soon as you have the means and opportunity to change that, even if it means walking away and having some bruised hearts etc..  Over time they will mend, and new lives by all will be accepted.  It takes time, which I know for us humans if very frustrating, as we want everything now, like yesterday, which is not realistic, or mature.  Like I said be bold, be courageous, for yourself and maybe even for the other person who should not be in a toxic environment and you can set them free constructively, but firmly.  Be authentic in all ways to you, your inner true self, heart, spirit and soul, give everything else time to heal, don’t push for acceptance of changes etc.. in your life, just don’t.  Meditate, pray, let those who are unwilling to accept the changes know you care and will always have them in your prayers, but the change is happening with or without their blessing.  So long as the change is one that is constructive and truly authentic to you, others will then accept it at some point in time.

Namate, Shalom and Amen