Autumn Leaves.

The Spring’s bright tints no more are seen,
And Summer’s ample robe of green
Is russet-gold and brown;
When flowers fall to every breeze
And, shed reluctant from the trees,
The leaves drop down.

A sadness steals about the heart,
–And is it thus from youth we part,
And life’s redundant prime?
Must friends like flowers fade away,
And life like Nature know decay,
And bow to time?

And yet such sadness meets rebuke,
From every copse in every nook
Where Autumn’s colours glow;
How bright the sky! How full the sheaves!
What mellow glories gild the leaves
Before they go.

Then let us sing the jocund praise,
In this bright air, of these bright days,
When years our friendships crown;
The love that’s loveliest when ’tis old–
When tender tints have turned to gold
And leaves drop down.

As I read this poem, I thought of the changes that come with life, childhood to teen years etc.., the friendships that, though very few tried and true I have have lasted so long, are still in tact.  I thought of a particular connection of many years and though they are not a part of life any longer, I have not seen them in quite a while, I still sense when they think of me, wish they were in my life, had me theirs, the fact that it is still there, still strong.  Even if they are never seen again, never in my life, it is a testimony to the strength and beauty of the bond, the sentiment that the psychic connection, bond is still there.  It had rough seasons, beautiful seasons, and it fell off the tree, a new season came for me.  As we enter a new season, let’s try to recall the good of what was, the lessons taught to us, and learn from that, change our patterns.  

Most of all, let’s not look for anyone to rescue us, and be clear that only we can rescue ourselves by changing patterns, choices, by the decisions we make, including the decision to be happy, rather than unhappy and sometimes that may mean some difficult discussions, walking away.  Let’s have Autumn be a season of transformation, a positive one as we prepare for the New Year, for Rosh Hashanah.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen