Autumn, Space In Between

If we look at nature, it is a reflection of life.  In life we are not meant to stay stagnant, even in one’s faith life.  As a Christian there are basic moral etc.. tenets of the faith that I will do my utmost to adher to.  At the same time, the Creator of all things expects me to grow, to progress in my maturity of faith, of life, have goals, dreams as inspired by Him to achieve.  

Yet there are times when as we are working to achieve those goals, dreams, inspired plans, where there is a change, a shift from summer to autumn leaves, but that is not a bad thing. It’s actually quite beautiful to see the changing of the leaves, cooling down of the weather, entering into the season of festiviites.  It really is in that autumn space that we really find ourselves as we navigate to a new season, one that while filled with festivity and such, has a twinge of cold to it.  Nothing is perfect, no situation, no dream, no nation, nothing.  What we can seek is that which is perfectly suitied to the divine path given to us in prayer, in meditation, in quiet contemplation.  Let the wonder of the autumn with the changing leaves, change of season from summer to winter, to a time of sacred festiviites inspire you to create your own bridge to get you to the goals, dreams you hold dear.  Amen