Back To Basics, Hmmm


Back to basics, we hear that phrase and it keeps coming up in my spiritual journey for me.  I keep trying to go back to the Roman Catholic Church, to honor my mom, honor my heritage and I respect the moral teachings that do seek to stay true to the Gospel.  I keep feeling this sense of “back to basics”, of keeping it simple, yet sacred and then I have to ask what that means.  I guess that means as I understand it biblically as  least bureaucratic as possible, making it not ritualistic so much as a truly spiritual, relationship based faith journey.   It’s not that some ritual aspect is not important, but what brings about true change in the person is relationship, is the Holy Spirit working within you through a relationship you establish with Christ, having accepted that God sent His Son, the Word of Creation was made flesh, and that Jesus fully, willingly gave his life so we could have life on so many levels, freedom from the shackles of transgression and their consequences, which can be truly devastating to many, including ourselves.  For my journey I am realizing why people are drawn to the Evangelical Conservative, to what gets to the basics, to relationship, to key principles and practical applications of biblical principles.  As my journey continues to getting to the basics we will see where it lands, but it will always be with Christ, and a Conservative Worldview, that won’t change.