Baking, Cooking and Life


As I made my Challah at Temple, we talked about how Challah and cooking, baking is a akin to life.  Cooking, baking and life are about blending ingredients, mixing them, waiting for the meat to marinate, the dough to rise.  

That is a lot like life I have to acknowledge as I  embark on realizing my dreams in the arts, in making the journey to being the person I am meant to be.  Not always easy the right ingredients, blending of things etc…, but if I am going to be truly happy, then I have to have the patience for stuff to marinate, the right ingredients to come together, the dough to rise, so things can be cooked and baked.  It’s pretty frustrating having to wait for things to season, fruits to mature all of that, but I think truly well worth it in the end.  I think the one area where I am still trying to figure out the blending is let’s say a personal relationship, a life union, day to day.  How do you blend when you have different perhaps worldviews?  Then again do you really have different wordviews?  It cold be that you and another person whether a friendship or even a more intimate relationship think you have different worldviews, but not really.  What may be different is not the goals, but how to achieve them, how you believe they ought to be achieved, and even then unless you have really spent time, talked, you may not even be right about those differences.   I have to think about the fact that in cooking you have ingredients that blend that are of the same type and then you have ingredients such as in sweet and sour dishes, where maybe you and another don’t agree on how the goals ought to be achieved for certain things in the world or life, but you agree on the end goal.  If you can focus on the good parts that each of you has in that view, who knows, you might actually come up with the next great plan for society or something.  Even within yourself, you will have tensions about what you believe at different times, don’t necessarily think of it as a bad thing, rather as a sifting opportunity, one to really meditate, research and sift to have some breakthroughs.  That is something else I have had to come to realize, that I can have moments of doubt, uncertainty, contradiction, so long as they don’t paralyze me, my decision making and moving forward to realize my fullest potential, dreams etc.. and uniting with true love, always harm to none as the goal.  I even thought about how would I want a particular connection to connect, even before they were totally free and clear, and in being true to myself, FB PM, or email then phone then face to face, boom boom boom as Trump aptly puts it, no dilly dally.  I know I have to accept them where they are as they have to do the same with me.  Oy!

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen