Be Not Afraid….

What has held me back from realizing my goals, dreams, what God put in my heart to achieve to be His prophetic minister and artist?  I could say childhood baggage, and yes to some extent sure.  What was the root of it all?

As I read the bible more regularly, there are certain phrases, themes that occur over and over and so it’s important to pay attention.  One thing that we are told is that if we are with God, His truths, no ours, and if we are in Christ, we have no reason to fear.  Of course the Accuser, Satan, get’s really pissed off at that.  When I look back, what the core of it all was that paralyzed my life, fear, which was too many times stronger than my faith.  To have that unwavering faith it really is crucial to be in the Word, every day.  It’s crucial to know the truths of God, how to live them in our lives, our politics, not a fluffy all is just love love love Woodstock kind of thing. It’s important to understand the fullness of it all, how God doesn’t screw up our lives, but our choices or choices others make do, choosing sin over holiness.  There are situations where due to health challenges one may do things that are not holy, but not a deliberate doing so.  Even in our day to day lives we may screw up, offend God, but we do not need to fear Him, not if we are truly in the Word, in His truths, and allowing ourselves to be guided not by fear, but by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  Where before fear was what guided and impulsive actions based on insecurities and fears, now it’s The Word, truths of The Word, being in Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit that guides.  I can’t even begin to convey how much peace this brings.  Someone put up a Meme that says Heaven has borders, Hell doesn’t and even Christ said the road to salvation was narrow.  I realized that as long as I am in The Word, have accurate truth and knowledge of it, am in Christ, receive Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, I have nothing to fear.  Peace truly is attainable even in the greatest storm