Be Proud of the Steps

Be Proud Along the Way

When we watch an epic film, especially set in an epic time, hear an orchestra concerto, see a cake that is a true masterpiece of art, even perhaps our own, we beam with joy and pride,  This goes for anything, even any milestones with one’s kids, friendships, relationships.  We see the end result and wow, but what of a journey that has been a bit rocky, or very rocky before getting to a masterpiece?  Wait a minute, you think that epic film didn’t give at any time the director, producer, anyone and everyone on set the need for nexium?  That masterpiece of a cake or three course meal that has everyone fawning, you think it happened the first time around? Hello, test kitchen, trial and error, mishaps etc…, lots of steps from A to Z.  Yeah, great to look at the final product whatever that is, the achieve, but don’t discount being proud, not in a narcissistic way that everyone will want to smack you upside the head for being an arrogant twit, thank you very much, but in a healthy recognition of the steps taken, time etc… put in to get there.  Do I have a songwriting deal with any record label yet, or being called to be a speaker at events yet? No, but I am happy that I am taking steps to get there and each step along the way is a jewel, one I should cherish, along with my faith.  Also think about the fact that God could have created anyone, but chose to create you, hmm.  Again, no getting all narcissistic, but, that means there are gifts, talents you are meant to share.  What are they, and how do you constructively share them?

How Cool God Created You

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