Be With Someone….

If I were to in a nutshell give a description of the type of person I would want to spend the rest of my life with, share my life with, this, in a nutshell sums it up nicely.  Let’s go through each of these.  

Let’s start with the first one, someone you don’t have to hide from.  I have very strong opinions, views, which I have no problem expressing, with chutzpah, and there is also the fibromyalgia, which can restrict my social life and interactions.  I am a poet, songwriter and love to blog, write, to share what I observe about people, life etc…, so if I have to hide any of it, walk on eggshells with any of it, then that won’t be a healthy union and the same if the person I am with has to hide who they are.  We can vehemently disagree, have some real knock out debates, but I can do that and still five minutes prepare your favorite dish and give you  lots of hugs and kisses.  I don’t stay mad, don’t hold grudges.  That’s who I am.  If I have to feel like I can’t share my screw ups from the past, or that I can never screw up because the person will throw it in my face or I feel they will be constantly judging me, that’s not gonna work.  Again, I may not agree with their views a lot of the time, and express it, strongly, but that’s okay, doesn’t mean I don’t love them and they should be able to strongly debate their views and me now that they still love me, doesn’t mean they don’t.  If we can each be who we are and let each other know at the end of day that “I love you” and not hurt each other, express ourselves passionately, share screw ups and still be loved, be inspired, encouraged to be a person by the other, then that is the kind of relationship, kind of person I would want to spend the rest of my life with. How about you? Something for you to think about.

Shalom and Amen,

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