Beauty, Goosebumps, Close to Tears

Holy Ghost

Yesterday as we celebrated the Latin Rite Mass at Shrine of the Most Precious Blood in Manhattan, with the Latin Chant etc.., goosebumps, almost cried at one point for the beauty of it.  I also thought of the direction the RCC has taken to be PC and be of the world. the mass exodus to them more staunch Lutheran faith, or conservative truth like it or lump it Evangelical, this article I had come across came to mind.

I also thought of how this parish has been having its’ own struggles, how it has so much potential being so rich in artistic and Italian history to thrive.  We have various fellowships and societies that have affiliated with us, including the Constantinian Order of St. George and others, who have these beautiful Masses at our parish, who understand the reality of this very article, the truths of it.  I thought about what had been done so far to try and bring people into the parish and recalled afterwards my conversation with several of the Society and Fellowship leaders prior to Mass.  It dawned on me that the problem with what has been done is that it is not connected to a concrete cause, nor to Context, to Catholic, Biblical and Evangelization Context.  It was not bringing people back to the roots of the faith, of the identity of the parish itself. Surprisingly people want church, not modern junk, but church, real tell it to me like it is padre, church, not mean spirited but like it is.  They want programs that will make them feel like family in and through Christ, not man, in true communion with Christ through the liturgy, liturgical music, fellowship and evangelization, studying together  They want beauty and truth in a world that does not offer that, they would like a strong identity, one which only the church can provide in Christ, and a truth that is not a shape shifter, but stays consistent throughout time.  This is why many are leaving to go Lutheran and Evangelical, to get back to what they feel is the root, evangelizing, making disciples, truth, gospel truth, and activities that are in line with the Gospel, not the secular world.  

What can I do to help bring the parish, the church I am in, as music coordinator, member of the parish to its’ roots?  I am going to work with these societies and fellowships to make sure that activities engaged in are connected to 1. A Cause 2.Scripture 3. Liturgy and the Mass 4. Solid PR  I pray to the Lord that I can achieve this and help bring the parish back to full life, help make it a home for those who may have left the faith, those seeking a true traditional Catholic home.  For that to happen I realize cause, and context are crucial and unless we get very focused in this regard and a solid PR strategy to get word out that Tradition, Heritage and also Innovation is alive at this parish whatever we do won’t be known to anyone.  I hope to make sure it is known far and wide.