Beauty Of A Soulmate


I try to find the write words or word to describe what this feels like, to know you have connected to your soulmate.  I guess I have found the words. 

It is like the coming together of a beautiful symphony of the most amazing and beautiful music.  The compliment and synergy that you can sense and feel in every level of your being, consciousness, wanting to be a part of their life, wanting them to share in your life journey in whatever way possible.  It’s truly a beautiful thing.  You don’t feel anxious about it, even if there are logistics issues where you are not logistically right next door.  You have faith that somehow something will happen to change the logistics, somehow.  You’re not sure what, how or when, but you have faith.  You meditate, pray on it and have faith.  You also envision all the things you can collaborate on together, create together so on and so forth. You can see them as your best friend life, your creative partner, so much more developing over time, very naturally, very organically.  The connection is there, you can sense it is there mutually, and there is a similar worldview and even if your spiritual path is taking a slightly different turn, they are a person with an open heart and mind.  Thus, they can still share in your journey, while you can respect their faith journey, that once was yours in some remote way.  When you have found your soulmate it all kind of comes together and you also feel you can be yourself, sweet, but also sassy and they are okay with that.  Your soulmate comes into your life at the right time, like for example to really spur you on to live your dreams, to really bring them to life and find your path, and there is truly a psychic connection, may even receive their thoughts in song and poetry that you write.  You might even feel their pain, physical and emotional pain, angst, which if you are an empath, ay ay and you don’t try to change each other, whatever “flaws” there are, barring really deep ones like abusive ones, you can handle them.  There is a similar worldview, path of goals you have for your lives and at some point you have that conversation, even about how to work towards them as a team.   You can give each other space and you are not jealous of each others friendships and you are okay with any difference of opinion an views, it doesn’t get under your skin or agitate you greatly.  You have that great compliment and synergy.    You truly are happy for the other person’s successes, milestones, encouraging, helping each other all of that.  You are not jealous of the other person’s success, and are happy that they are happy and same goes for them being happy when you achieve and succeed.  You can give each other advice, seek each other out for advice and not have false pride about it and you can say sorry when you have to.  

It truly is a most beautiful gift to be given to find your soulmate and whether you can come together right away or some time after your meet, it is a beautiful gift from the creator to be truly grateful for.

Shalom and Amen