Beauty of Connecting


This morning as I meditated I experienced a beautiful vision of an ocean and waves, foam, small boats, swirling clouds, it was awesome.  I thought afterwards about what I wanted to see happen with my life, what would I want to have my life be if I had to summarize it.  In a sense, this captures it. 

Build an empire, not really looking to be the next Oprah or Bill Gates, but if I can leave a great legacy for future generations of true Conservatism, as the founding fathers meant it to be, of Republicanism as they meant it to be, of solid faith, spiritual grounding, a legacy of meaning I will be very happy. Earning my daily bread doing what I love the artistic, the coaching, I will be double, triple happy.  Finding myself, that’s been a long journey, but I am in my heart of heart a Conservative, and Christian, Metaphysical in my view of things to an extent, but firmly Conservative and Christian. Healing and Loving myself, part of that means really reconciling with my past, those closest to me who hurt me, tore my life apart, turned it upside down, even if they have passed on.  I don’t think I have fully done that, not at the deepest levels, but I will.  Getting fit, that is a process that will take time as I work through the healing, loving to help heal some of the physical, fibormyalgia might ease up a bit.  Hopefully I can get even more passionate about my artistic work, as the energy drain from the fibro is rough, so I am hoping to find ways to ease that with meditation and other not too strenuous techniques of stretching.  I will use my love of country, of God and Country, to get involved locally with restoring the Republic, working with the NYGOP, NY Patriots Group, hopefully make a difference.  I am apparently having an impact on youth in the Middle East and Asia, as on twitter I am having lots of artists, soccer teams, players, activists against sharia, child marriage and all that following me, so I seem to have struck a cord there. It’s an interesting development in my life  It’s life Forrest Gump says “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know hat you’re gonna get”  I hope to make new friendships as I get active in preserving the republic, moving forward with really reconciling with my past, even things I wish I had done differently and may life take to me a place where I leave behind in this life a great legacy for all.