Been Working on New Songs

Inspiration Peace and Love

I have been working on new songs, which reflect a bit of where I am at with a connection in my life and the other my faith affirmation.  

I recorded the pieces, chorus also separately, registered them with ASCAP, now comes creating a beat for each song, then having them mastered, mixed, and sharing them with you.  I am also going to be choosing prayers in the public domain and also looking at public domain songs, Faith Songs, other types of songs from centuries past that I can make my own to record and share with you.  That is on the artistic end of things.  On the life coaching end, I am going to be creating a audio series with a meditative component each week to bring you into a coaching session.  This is experimental, so we shall see.  I do hope that if you enjoy the songs etc.. you will consider donating to this blog.  I would like to offer my songs, coaching through the blog, all strictly by donation.  Not in it for fame and wealth, doing it because I love it.  I hope you will help sustain this journey and it benefits you in some way.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen