Being of Strong Mind, Roadmap? Hmmm


We are seeing a lot of instability in our youth, in our society and I do believe lack of a strong faith life and spiritual center contribute, but there are also personal attitudes and behaviors that need to be looked at for sound mind and spirit.  What are they?  I am going to touch on three of them today.

  1. Move on
  2. Keep Control
  3. Embrace Change

If you look at these there you realize they are interconnected.  To keep control, to embrace change, you have to be able to move on, to move forward from past to present and present to future.  You have to be able to keep control and work through in very constructive ways any anger, rejection etc… and when you can do that, you can embrace change.  You can take the biblical passages related God makes all things work out for good, to heart and look at how that situation can be for a greater good, even your own personal growth and development indirectly perhaps.  Perhaps it made you stronger, it showed you as they say when the chips are down what your made of, when push comes to shove, what you do, how you handle, do you have the personal, spiritual etc… tools to handle it constructively.  If you didn’t then, or don’t now, if you can see that, you can seek right guidance to gain those tools.  This is something we should be teaching children from a very young age, all parents, all schools etc.. should be teaching our youth that rejection, part of life, all the aspect of life, good, bad, ugly, people not agreeing with your views, you not agreeing with theirs, all part of life, part of the journey, and if we make good decisions, choices, have a strong spiritual, center, moral compass etc.. we will hopefully make more good ones than not and life will have more good than not.  We also have teach moving on etc.. in the sense that you can’t control what others feel, think, how stupid they sometimes act, and not everyone will like you, as your parent etc.., guess what, I don’t always like you, love you, but don’t always like how you act, behave, and I won’t as love as we are both this planet and breathing and you won’t always like me, that’s fine.  We need to teach them that this is true throughout life with people.  As for the past, teach them that the past, while having important lessons to teach is not a place we should get stuck in or brooding about.  We need to grasp this ourselves and pass it on to future generations. 

These are the first three of 18 points I’ll be discussing, so stay tunes and God Bless.