Being Thankful For…

We all have a wish list, which changes with time, though some staples remain on it.  We could get everything prayed for, but if one truly believes in God, in a loving and caring God, who operates as a parent, then giving us everything we want all the time, just downloading knowledge into our brain might not be too loving if he did that. 

As Thanksgiving draws quite near, I could focus on the almost daily crashing from fibromyalgia and how that messes with my plans, etc… I could do that.  What exact purpose would that solve?  None.  Sunday I was in church, love my Evangelical, Charismatic church, and I received the inpouring of the Holy Spirit and in a way that was intense, and I mean intense.  In the aftermath of that intensity, even as I felt nausea etc.. and then… use your imagination, I was writing new songs.   I have a show coming up, which will be posted on the events page in the next two days or so, on FB Live.  There is good stuff happening.  In terms of songwriting and all that, do I wish I had a few years of vocal training and keyboard performance training?  Sure, of course, but the fact that I am doing the show, writing songs, and connecting now to other Christian artists means I have the chance to learn some great stuff.  If I have opportunities to really put forth my artistic work, impact lives and to do prayer ministry and the arts, make a difference, crashing is not something I will be complaining about.  Maybe we need to get into a habit of being thankful for the prayers not yet answered or not answered, while still meditating on the things we feel, heart and soul, that are in no way destructive, to come into our lives. Maybe, just maybe. 

Happy Thanksgiving and Amen