Beyond Denomination, Yet Anchor Firm

Christ Consciousness

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As the holidays near, I find myself thinking about home, where is home, where is home spiritually, emotionally?  What label to I wear, and what is my anchor, what is my spiritual identity? 

It has truly been like going through a labyrinth, a maze of twists and turns my whole life.  I guess the anchor, the firm anchor of belief is Christ, and also the Trinity, in a sense the Apostles Creed.  When it comes to the church itself, I see not any denomination, I see the rock as the truth, not a denomination that Jesus was talking about.  When He told Peter that upon this rock he would build the church, he meant that revelation of Him as the Christ, of Him as Messiah, and also of that faith that would carry the church through, even if those in it had moments of crisis.  As i look at myself, my life I realize that has been my anchor, my own story, that no matter what the crisis, even moments of spiritual drought, my anchor for getting through life’s dark times, was Christ, faith in His completed work at the Cross and beyond.   What about church, where is home?  As I think about it, I have a sense of the type of church I envision and this is what I envision.

The church I see myself being a part of is one where there is a strong support for Israel, one where there is firm Christ and Gospel centered church life and it’s not about climate change, so called modern day social just, warped feminism,  or any of that malarkey.  It’s a place where there is plenty of prayer and where artists, worship artists, where true artists of faith can thrive, can grow.  It’s a place that has small group bible study, connect groups and people live out the bible and conservative principles in their politics and their lives.  They seek to share the Gospel, even when people don’t feel comfy with it, and partner with other groups of solid conservatives to share the Gospel, really provide a range of services to those in the church and community.  They are not about denomination, not interested in the church conforming to the world, but conforming the world to the Gospel and Gospel Truth.  That is what I am seeking, and hopefully find it this holiday.  I still respect my heritage, and it will always be a part of my history, nothing will every change that, nothing.