Blame VS Responsibility

Blame is a child's mechanism,  not an adults.
Blame is a child’s mechanism, not an adults.

In my last post I talked about Truth Denied and Fear as obstacles, but there is also the issue of blame mistaken for taking personal responsibility and making bold choices, even if not popular with anyone in your circle.  The distinction in life is crucial and in relationships, especially to release baggage etc… for healing, to release what no longer works and welcome in the new.  Why is this so crucial?

If we are going to release, let go of all the baggage etc… to embrace what we truly love, shine as our authentic self, live the life we authentically have pulsating holistically after true prayer and reflection for our greater happiness, joy etc… long term, including being with the person we truly love and would never, could never imagine being unfaithful to, ever, thriving at the career that is our true vocation heart, body, spirit and soul, and the spiritual path we have found in our journey of questioning, praying etc…, we have to understand it is not about pointing fingers.  It is about looking in the mirror and saying “This is where I screwed up royally and I know I did, but I am not perfect.  I am human and can you forgive me, will you forgive me” After we have had that conversation with ourselves and healed our relationship to self, then we have to have that conversation with others, those we have to leave behind and those we know it is perhaps time to embrace.

This is not easy, to have these conversations, to re-organize life even internally, find the strength to reorganize on any level internal or external, but if one stays hamstrung by blame, past “failures” which are not really failures, but life lessons on this amazing journey.  As for others creating new life and opportunity for us, bullcrap, only we can do that with the force of our will in connection with prayer, meditation, the assistance of the realm of Hashem, which others can inspire and support, or not, but we have to make the changes, create the opportunities for moving out of the old to the new, or whatever we wish to have come to fruition.  

Unless and until one understand the difference between blame and personal responsibility and takes on the personal responsibility of facing all truths and fears, no opportunity for change or happiness or anything can come, only continued misery and dissatisfaction.