Blessing of The Rain

Rain, can be annoying, inconvenient, causes floods, but often out of the ruin of a flood etc..communities come together, realize what really matters.  It can also be a symbol for the Holy Spirit, God’s love, wisdom, correction etc.. Rain has a number of purposes, as does choice.  Choice can enslave us or free us, depending on the choices we make, choice can be sweet when the right and healthy choices are made, when they are aligned with ethical and moral boundaries, healthy boundaries, law and order.  When the wrong/detrimental choice is made whether it be our diet, relationships, behavior then the consequences can be deadly.  As we have free will, they are our choices to make true, but the consequences are not dealt with by us alone, nor do they impact us alone.  We must always remember that, while we alone make the choice, it’s not we alone that suffer the consequences, sometimes deadly consequences.  This is crucial, quite crucial in all things, especially decision making.

Thus, I extend this blessing, this wish that the sweet Holy Spirit enter your heart, spirit, soul, life and all choices you make be ones that are health, wise, molly and ethically sound at all times for your well being and that of society.  May you, or I ever use our free will to destroy, harm, make choices detrimental to ourselves and/or others.