My Sunday Blessings wish for all of you.

This spiritual journey has been one to really at the core , and at my core I am a philosopher and a Traditionalist.  I love Hebrew Prayer Service, and Catholic Latin Mass, love the oldies, including TV shows, music.  As I look at faith and even religious paths, what I see is that Roman Catholicism, the faith of my family, heritage, has a clear objective moral code for one to live by, discern life by etc… and that is a blessing in this crazy world.  Traditionalist Objective Moral Compass Catholicism is a gift, one I wish I could have appreciated much more in my life, but was unable to  it seems.  Perhaps in my later years wisdom shall prevail and I will find my way home, am going to work on it.  Have a Blessed Sunday. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen