Successful Habits To Embrace

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If I am going to succeed fully to my fullest potential, I need to get into successful habits, and this is a good start. How will I do this?  These 8 tips are a good start.  I have a sort of routine for the morning, but could I do better? What about a curious mind?  Is my mind curious to see all facets of history etc..? How organized am I?  These questions and others pertaining to these keys will be important to my moving forward and succeeding.  Questions are not a bad thing, it’s when you obsess over one question or one thing when the routine becomes a God that you have a problem.  If we look at these and try to understand how they can benefit us can shift life.  I need to get into a routine, as a spiritual person for example, and pray what I am drawn to such as the Anglican Rosary.    When I came across this, it really resonated because people that do reach goals, succeed have routines and healthy  These are some ideas that you might look at to see how you might shift your life in a more positive direction.    I plan on taking these tips to heart and incorporate them into my life. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


Mind and Body, Really?

mind body spirit diagram

One of the things missing from medicine, conventional Western medicine is the understanding of how important this connection is. Spirit, can be meditation, gratitude attitude, but Western medicine tends to focus on the physical symptom, but not look at what role the spiritual and mental state of the person is playing and how to provide holistic care to address the entire person.  That’s why I’ve decided that I need to move in that direction myself.  How will I do that? 

I will start by presenting two possible wellness plans to my doctor next week and see which one she feels is best to implement.  One thing I want to do is ease off pharmaceuticals for most of my health issues and move to natural products such as Bioflex, CoQ10, natural allergy remedy.  I also plan on joining a meditation and healing circle that meets regularly a block away from my house. Once I have detoxed my body from a number of the pharmaceuticals, I will go for massage therapy for a time, then add acupuncture perhaps then yoga, continuing with the meditation of course.  I realize that if I don’t get the spirit and soul in a really good place, the body can’t get their either, neither can my vocational path or my finances.  It’s all tied together, so I need to get a wellness plan neither will my finances.  I need to be in good shape on all fronts and that means taking responsibility for my life, my health, wellness heart, body, spirit, and soul.  It means creating a happy life, a joyful life, a healthy one, while still maintaining my relationship with my faith strong.  I know I can do it, just have to focus and do it. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

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Life Lessons 44 and 45

45 life Lessons

Yielding is not easy since we have this thing called EGO and we want to be right, don’t want to look stupid or silly etc…Yet, what if not yielding, we end up actually looking that way, whereas if we had yielded, even just a bit, we would have been wise and looked wise before others, been an example of wise?  Bible says we perish for lack of knowledge, well part of that I am realizing is lacking knowledge, discernment and understanding when it comes to our own self-discipline, and how to navigate situations, relationships to know when to stand firm, not move, not budge, and when to say “is this such a priority that I am willing to have a war, that I have to be right?”  Meditating and studying sacred text is a way of reaching discernment, but so is the observation of life and people.  Seriously, if I had really paid attention to the world around me, looked at who has constructive patterns vs who had destructive ones and what are they, I would have looked at what successful, healthy relationships looked like in different aspect of life and what the pattern was when each yielded. Not saying I would do things exactly as others do since I am me, but I would have gained wisdom, maybe my life would look a bit different now.   Yielding at the right time, for the right reasons, once discerned is not a bad thing. 

When I was a kid one song that I used to listen to over and over was “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” and the other was a song about love and it said that you didn’t know love until it chilled you to the bone, turned you inside out.  Life is like that, love can be like that, turn you inside out and upside down.  It may be for you or me more so than for others, to a different extent.  No one is immune from pain, though they may mask it, hide it, every one of us has had daggers thrown at us, some missed some hit.  Satan throws and if we have a strong constitution, strong faith etc.. we stand strong, stand tall, we may end up on our knees, we may bend, but we don’t break to the point of losing faith or knowing who we are.  Life is the ability to create, to do, impact and so much more, even with just a smile, the bounce in our voice, so no life doesn’t come all wrapped up in Christmas or other really pretty paper, but it is still a precious gift.  Even I have to remind myself of that each day in prayer, meditation, going out and seeing God’s creation, appreciating the seasons, the fact that I am alive and here, just here.  I hope you can appreciate that to. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Gratitude Prompts, Living in the Light

25 Graditude Prompts

As we go through the holidays, it can be so easy to see what we lack, what is missing etc.., but Jesus said to be of good cheer, even in the midst of pain, be of good cheer for he overcame this world, he did so via gratitude, via prayer, connection to the Father, his Creator.  I can be all sad, stay sad about what I lack, any financial shortfalls, and believe me depending on government programs for your day to day sustenance can make anyone depressed.   I can be sad about nor having a life partner, a good man to share my life with, but then again, best to focus for a time now on getting healthy.  I have time for God to bring me into union with that person.  I can find stuff to frown about every day just by way of how messed up we humans are and the world is.  However, I can also do the opposite and go through the prompts each day, take two prompts. 

What makes me smile?  Children playing, smiling, being children is always a joy. Music, song, poetry makes me smile, as certain ones can bring back such great memories.  Writing, singing, teaching, they make me smile because I am touching spirits and hearts.  The beauty of nature, the complexities of nature showing the amazement that is God, our Creator, makes me smile.  These things all make me smile, so if I can think of these things then any darkness is pushed out, doesn’t mean I don’t resolve issues, but I choose to live my days grateful for the things that make me smile.  What makes you smile?  What do I love about myself? This question is not meant to be narcissistic, but rather be grateful for any gift, talent the Lord gave us.   What about myself am I grateful for?  My ability to be firm and fierce in my faith, general faith principles, have one hell of a debate, raunchy one even and then still be best friends.   Rather than beat myself up about immaturity in the past, I can instead focus on positive traits in the present.   I am determined to make a conscious effort to live in gratitude each day, each and every day. Will you join me?  I hope so. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Love Yourself, Vanity?

Love Yourself Then

We often see the movies where these relationships come together so magically, and it’s beautiful, not saying it doesn’t happen.  If you’re not a warped, destroyed by academia man-hating modern feminist, you might want a relationship, a significant other to share your life with, your joys, sadness etc.. with.  I know I do.  Here is the thing, for me to have a relationship, I first have to have a great one with myself, with the Holy Trinity, with that great force of creation that brought me into being.  There can’t be an us with anyone if I am not clear in me, who I am, some clarity in that and my life’s path.  If I am one mass or bundle of confusion, how can I be in a relationship? What will happen is I will simply mimic that person in order to have an identity, clarity and that’s not authenticity,  So, it’s important that for any one of us to embrace an “us”, there first be a “me” with a core philosophy and worldview, preferably not one that hates men or women or is anarchist in nature, since that’s not healthy for anyone.  I value my Italian-American Catholic heritage from a cultural standpoint and there is wisdom in Catholic teaching.  However, my heart, spirit, and soul follow a very metaphysical understanding of the Bible, and a historical one, a beautiful combination.  That and one who believes in a Classical Conservative view of the world in terms of government is who I am, a teacher, minister of transformation in what I do is who I am.  Once there is a clarity in “me”, then there can be a journey to seek an “us”, that media naranja, that yin to our yang. I hope you are able to find your authentic core before the “us”, to have a happiest “us’ in your life, whether if be friendship or beyond. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Life Lessons 42 and 43

45 life Lessons

Thanksgiving, mom wasn’t well, and I wasn’t feeling all that great, but that evening I get a call, come by for coffee at least, the kids are asking about you, so okay off I go, it was in the same building complex, so no biggie.  I am the only Conservative, firm in Christ as my anchor, the Bible as my anchor of truth, in this group of supposed devout Christians, who are progressives who believe the Bible and all such text to be a myth.  As dessert was being enjoyed, they started bashing our POTUS, MAGA, Conservatives, basically, me, as I am MAGA and Conservative.  I wanted to wage war in defense, but there were kids present and instead, I took a deep breath, went to the bathroom, took a few more deep breaths, composed myself and went back and enjoyed the sweets, and the coffee.  There are times when as much as you want to stand in staunch defense etc… it is wiser to take a few breaths, walk away and come back.  One of the aspects of maturity is knowing when to do so, where and when, how to fight which battles.  If you don’t calm the mind first, you won’t be able to really discern that.  Breathe is an important aspect of discipline I am learning.  The other aspect is that in addition to being grateful, as long as it is in line with biblical truth, concepts, and precepts of ethics, integrity etc.., it’s okay to ask even God for that blessing.  It’s okay to ask to succeed, thrive and even prosper with your talents, gifts, knowledge, understanding.  Asking with humility, also confidence and faith is the key, with belief, and the understanding that your timing of now please, right now, like yesterday please, may not be God’s timing. His may be tomorrow, next year, in three years, and it’s okay.  Ask for guidance on what to do from starting of the journey to reaching of destination.  If you don’t ask, even with God, with gratitude for blessing you have already, how will you have that relationship and how will anything happen? Something to think about. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Happiness, Not a Destination

Happiness Can't Be Travelled To.jpg

When we think of happiness, we think of places, people and things often times, don’t we.  What if happiness was none of that?  What if happiness was being grateful for everything in your life, the sun, stars, the clear skies, the dark skies, rain, thunder, and everything in between?  What if happiness was being grateful for all you learn throughout the entire journey, even in being alone?  Though when you are of faith, you are never alone, never.  What if happiness was being able to smile and appreciate the rain as it fell on your face as a great miracle of life?  Maybe that’s what we need to aim for during this holiday season, to cultivate.  Maybe that’s what I need to cultivate.  Seems like a good place to start for transforming my life, what about you?

What’s Objective, What’s Subjective?


Good question right, and seems simple enough, but not always and not for everyone.  I have been thinking a lot on this question lately, especially with the holidays, as my mom in her nineties is nearing, let’s face it the end of her time and as I’m getting older and my time will come to meet my creator face to face.  What’s the answer? 

I decided to ask the Holy Trinity, simply ask, ask for inspiration on this and this is the first image, thing that came to me, a scientific study, then a crime scene, which at first I didn’t quite understand, so I had to meditate a bit on it.  It finally came to me.  The scientific, let’s start with that one.  You have a scientific experiment done regarding a new device on ALS, MS or Fibromyalgia patients, and it’s a six-month study. The study then comes out and it’s conclusions given to six doctors in six different communities.  The study is the objective methodical process by which the results are arrived at, got that.  Now when these seven doctors see this study, from six different communities, different experiences based on those communities etc.. what happens? Do you get seven uniform opinions of how to apply the treatment, how beneficial it will be etc…? I would venture to say no.  Odd, since the study is the same objective truth, study seen by all, but yet different conclusions reached by perhaps four of the seven.   The interpretation is subjective to the person’s experiences, biased etc…  Same with a crime scene, take 10 different detectives from three very different precincts and you will get different immediate conclusions probably, but they are all seeing the same crime scene, so why the difference? Again they have their own experience, biased etc…   If in both cases the perception is skewed, the personal biased of wanting it to be how they want it to be rather than following objective truth and evidence takes over, well, it can harm and do not harm of medical science and even law enforcement goes right out the window.

God’s Sacred Scripture, Bible runs into the same issues.  It is an objective moral, ethical truth when studied with a multilayer of understanding, and holistically, when studies from a theological, sociological etc.. viewpoint, from a literal, as well an allegorical and metaphysical viewpoint.  When studied and understood holistically, then you can see the beauty of objective moral and ethical truth.  Otherwise, you just see it as a bunch of rules that weigh you down because you just want to do your thing your way, the hell with anything else. Again, not saying one should stay in an abusive or crazy cult situation, but basic moral and ethical truths matter.  For that to matter to be understood a relationship with the sacred, divine, with gratitude and spiritual life, boundaries and clear precepts matters. 

Namaste,Shalom and Amen


Left Me Scratching My Head



You go to church, give a nice donation every week, won’t dare miss Mass, ever, you made sure your kids never missed Mass, and even made sure to go to the Vatican.   Awesome, right.  That’s my relatives for ya, my cousins, those I grew up with.   Devout,  religious, so why my apparent confusion and my “Huh?”.  Well, today in conversation the Pope came up and a nutty liberal theory was presented about why this Pope doesn’t live in the Vatican.  See, it’s because us Conservatives are out to whack him, have him sleep with the fishes and all that jazz, yeah, okay. Oy! Then I was told that It’s all myth, all sacred text is pure myth, yet in the breath was told Jesus should be followed.  It made me think of when Jesus says about on the day of judgement how many will say they did this and that in his name, and he will reject them because of their hypocrisy.  My other cousins that I didn’t grow u with, but recently connected with have a different take.  They are church goers, but they don’t see the bible and bible teachings as myth.  They see it as God’s truth, even if they and I also know we don’t always manage to perfectly live up to it.  It just really struck me the hypocrisy of the  devout outer layer, but inward the total lack of belief, but then I realized a lot of people are like this and in part because it’s only way we can justify sin that may have gone on or is going on within our own circle.  I briefly went there myself, but only briefly. 

What about me?  I have for the longest time felt and understood that God and Yeshua never intended for a new religion to form, but rather to have Judaism clarify its’ moral and ethical code, but at the same time operate with empathy towards all and the community.  That empathy did not mean negating the truth of God, His nature and his laws.  One reason I resisted Church was that I never really felt that was what was God’s intent, or Yeshua’s, so in a sense I felt it was hypocritical to go to church.  I am still feeling that way to an extent, but that may change at some point.  Now, my path of wellness is taking me to the East to acupuncture, massage therapy, Buddhist meditation and then yoga.  However, in my meditation, Christ is always the center, the core, always will be.  I hope I never become someone who is outwardly religious, but inwardly an atheist. That truly is a punch in the gut to the Holy Trinity, to all the heavens and to those who truly do believe, honor God’s Holy Truth, the Bible. 

Shalom and Amen

Let Me Know, Let Ur Voice Be Heard


I love sharing what I share with all of you, but I also want to know what you would content you might like to see me write about in this blog, expand on, so I would love for you to let me know when you like a post, what else you might like me to write about whether on that topic or a related topic.  I love sharing my journey with you, what I see around me etc.., but it’s also important that I know what you would like to know about, read about in this blog, so I hope you will share that with me as part of your likes on any particular post. 

Thanks and Bless