Book Smart, Not Enough.


There are those who have very impressive academic credentials, and might even be great orators, even great imparting knowledge in a classroom, or reciting very nook and cranny of our founding documents with great presence.  

However, when it comes to sense, common sense about all areas of life, relating to anything emotional, to people, their emotions, even their own, really connecting raw to emotions, understanding that and working with it, using it to bring about change from within, including a nation, to connect to others in any way that can really matter, lame, not happening.  Cruz is an example of this, Romney was an example of this, and there are other who I know, have known, read about, and it boggles my mind that they seem to have these pieces of paper that denote great wisdom, common sense, yet they have none of that.  They get the intellectual part of stuff, but when it comes to relating to anything outside the books, the academia, lost in space.  Thing is I may have the same goals in some ways for the nation or people as some progressives, even those on the right, but their approach, what they support on how to get there, and the thought process of some of these, or many of these academics considering what is going on in our schools and academia, is not common sense.  When these academics can’t see that we are on a destruction path, the world is, won’t take a multi-level approach to it that is comprehensive and includes tough love, and tukkus kicking because they think you can love radical ideology to eradication.  I hate to point it out, actually no I don’t, that kumbaya did not eradicate the Hitler regime, or any of the other dictators, it was a fed up population who got pissed and did something to bring about change, not loving the dictators to change.  When academics with all their Phd papers whatever decide that government is the solution to it all, praising or supporting the of forming groups like BLM, New Black Panthers, any of that crap, rather than getting at the real roots of why our society is a mess, they show that their Phd, all their Ivy Tower Academia does not amount to common sense, only to a nice piece of paper, and maybe a rose colored glasses view of the world, but not a very realistic one.  If you can’t see it 100% realistic, you can’t change it, shift it etc…, not in any meaningful, constructive way.  It does not matter how many books etc… you read, that doesn’t mean common sense, or being able to relate to others or others being able to relate to you.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen