Bravery of Setting Free

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We often feel that if we love something or someone we must hold on tight, so so tight, or bend truth to accommodate until truth is not longer recognizable.    Of course that is the gut response, even when it comes to faith, to core faith values, to patterns, relationships.  When it comes to faith, we sometimes want to hold on so tight to congregations, rather leaders do, that truth, biblical truth gets lost, thrown out the window in the name of PC and Inclusivity.  In relationships, we sometimes are so convinced we have to hold on because of duty or because if we love them, we have to hold on, have to fight, even when it is dead, long dead, and thus we cause misery to all.  Not to say one shouldn’t do one’s best to make things work and to treat people in the faith community with general human empathy and such, but not to the point you destroy the truth of scripture.  In our own dreams and pursuit, we may be grasping at straws so stubborn in what we want and not moving in the path we are supposed be moving in.   Sometimes the best way to love ourselves, others, is to say “I am letting you go, letting you walk out that door.  God Bless and Goodbye”  That includes faith institutions and entities, no watering down Biblical Truth, or Constitutional Truth or History, none of it, sometimes you have to be willing to shrink your church etc… and stand by the truth no matter what.  Is it always fun to let go, to say goodbye, even to dreams we had if those dreams are not meant to be our dreams?  Yes, yes it is, but sometimes in the long run you have to say goodbye for the greater, greatest good of all and for truth.

Shalom and Amen