Breaking Down Walls

People have walls for different reasons, and as someone who has had her own walls, and has been reaching out to someone, tried to reach out and establish a friendship with someone who has a wall up it can be quite a challenge.  Whether you are the one with a wall or someone else is I hope this meditation and the video on how to share your message with someone can help.  If you are working to break through your own walls then use both to speak to your own higher self, and if a person you find putting walls, then with them.  A point made is always make sure you have the permission of the heart and spirit of that person, remember free will.

Why wall, why might a person have walls.  For some it is pain and fair of being hurt, so protection.  For some it is being in a pause mode as they are trying to get their life in order after a really rough patch, needing focus on themselves.  Perhaps they are unsure if and in what capacity you want to be in their lives and want them in your life.  Walls can also as someone pointed out be a way for someone to see who cares enough to break through and I can relate to that very much so.  Walls in a person can have different purposes, and it is up to us to become highly intuitive to discern what that each with each person and also to know with what persons it is best to break down those walls and when.