Brexit Got It Right

The Journey That is Life.

You had a lot of fearmongering and scare tactics to try and scare people into staying in the EU, a monstrosity, something that on paper and in theory and initially seemed to work, but then became totally dysfunctional and a detriment to the nations and the native citizens of those nations.

However, a bright spot.   When a percentage of people, not accepting the fear tactics of the politicos and outside forces realized it was a monstrosity and dysfunctional, bringing misery, they took action.  They decided they were not going to continue to be a part of that any longer and the EU if it is smart will find a way and if UK is smart it will find away to divorce very quickly, acrimoniously and efficiently.   They will take control of their borders, their economics etc…, the UK will and hopefully other nations will follow suit and realize the EU must be dismantled and each nation must be strong as an individual, but can still cooperate for shared interest with the others.  As I look at this, I am looking at a metaphor for life, for relationships, for career situations.  How often do we stay in monstrosities, dysfunction etc.., situations whether it’s career or personal that are making us miserable day in and day out, everyone else also miserable, even making us and others ill because it is dysfunctional.  Yet, because of outside pressures or even some internal guilt etc.. we place on ourselves we stay where we should be doing a Britexit.  When we do a Britexit in our own lives, how often do we let ego and bitterness or pain allow the process of disentanglement to drag on or allow others to drag in on?  When we know a situation is toxic, miserable etc.. has been for a good while, we need to exit that situation, but we should always find a way to do it swiftly, cleanly, with firm authority, confidence in ourselves, our future, and if there is someone waiting in the wings, we know there is, or another situation for us to embrace, even career wise, we should trust that, trust ourselves.  

I hope the will of the people is honored, nations get their house in order fast and furious within bounds of Constitutional law and order.  I also hope that in our own lives we can see when we need to do a Britexit, and how to do it fast, clean break, no looking back, still be able where necessary to cooperate with the other party, but as necessary, make the breaks that have to be made.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen